About us

Brnění, a non-governmental non-profit association, was founded in summer 2010 in response to the case in which the city of Brno intended to build underground parking places under Zelný trh. Brnění, along with the 4AM association and the public of Brno, won the case. From then on, we watch other striking cases in Brno. Our aim is to let the public know as much as possible, to let them know what steps they can take
as well as to give clear advice and manuals on what to do. “The Restriction of Gambling” project grew far over the borders of Brno, for the roots of the problem are in the Ministry of Finance.

The basic aims of the association are as follows:

– development of civil society, democracy and rule of law by supporting and insisting on active involvement as well as principles of responsibility and transparency in administration of the public affairs
– protection and development of public spaces
– protection of nature, landscape and cultural heritage
– spread of environmental values via education and edification
– advocacy of the partnership principle in the non-profit sector and among non-governmental non-profit organizations, public administration and commercial sector

Brnění, o. s. was founded on 19. 7. 2010 , IČO: 22861688
contact: brneni@gmail.com
Transparent bank account number: 2200084041/2010, FIO Banka

Brno – space for life.
Brnění – pins and needles everywhere where there’s something rigid.
Brnění – embedding of law and responsibility in participation on planning and decision-making.

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